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Know-how about some living areas in Ho Chi Minh City, Part one_By Nam Minh

Posted by m2m on May 1, 2016
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Ho Chi Minh city/Saigon is the second larger city in Vietnam, which is located in the south part of the country. Although Saigon is the second larger metropolitan area in Vietnam behind Hanoi, but the population thereof is the densest one. The political and and administrative system in Saigon is subdivided into 24 district-levels, whereby we have 19 urban districts and 5 rural districts.

Names of the Urban Districts:

12 of the urban districts are named with number, namely from 1 to 12 and other 7 districts are named with name as following: Tan Binh district, Go Vap district, Tan Phu district, Binh Thanh district, Phu Nhuan district, Thu Duc district and Binh Tan district.

Names of the Rural Districts:

Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Nha Be and Can Gio

As one of the densest population in Vietnam, Saigon city is one of the most attractive place for most Vietnamese and foreigners to come and settle down to live and work due to many reasons  like: fresh and pure climate conditions, trading conditions are relaxed, multi-cultures and nice warm weather.

Where are most foreigners want to live in Saigon?

District 1 and 3 are yet as the downtown of the metropolis, but it is rather favored by most companies and corporations to locate than an area for foreign experts and worker want to live. There are also serviced apartment, apartments at districts 1 and 3 for rent/lease to serve the needs of some expats and foreigners to experience the daily life of the downtown, anyway district 1 and 3 as a long term settle down for many foreigners are not their choice due to environment conditions in many aspects, the secure reasons and other amenities are not really the most comfortable ones; it is quite common in every corner of the world, where downtown is, then there is less free place to enjoy.


Foreigners from most western hemisphere countries but loved to settle down in district 7 some years ago, because district 7 was new opened and orientated to build a modern “city” inside the metropolis Saigon with a very modern infrastructure and a higher living standard to offer to high-end clients at that time. The roads there were new built, building were built with modern architecture and best quality. Supper markets with all kind of international products to serve the multicultural needs. Cafe, restaurants, cinema and more one can find there in a western standard; especially the environment of 7 district is also very pure due to its near to the rural district Nha Be and Binh Chanh.

Recently 7 district is no longer as a sole choice for many, for the location thereof and the traffic connections to the downtown is not really through, for between 7 district and downtown is the 4 district located, which is but some how not equal developed like 7 district.

On the other hand the development of district 2 comes in in the mean time and it becomes one of the most favorite living area now in Saigon. At 2 district the traffic connection to the central Saigon city is very easy; we have the Thu Thiem tunnel, through which driving by motorbike and cars to Ben Thanh market it takes just some minutes ( 8-12 minutes), or from Thu Thiem bridge via Nguyen Huu Canh to Ton Duc Thang str. and then to Notre-Dame Church one also needs just 12-15 minutes driving; another alternative way is direct via Xa Lo Hanoi and through Saigon bridge with some minutes of driving we will be then in the central Saigon city.

District 2 is especially near the Saigon river and from there one has an overview to the city; the environment of district 2 is pure and the dense of population is well distributed and it provides therefore to the area a quite thin traffic and avoiding a frequent traffic troubles .

Many building projects have been built, building and being built here like: The Vista, Cantavil Premier, Thao dien pearl, Imperial An Phu, Tropical Garden, Xi-Riverview Palace Thao dien, Sala and many other complex buildings and villas.

Most expats love to live in Thao dien ward, which is belonged to 2 district . Thao dien area owns a very special geographical location, in which the life condition is but not affected by the noisiest activities of the downtown, but it is next to the downtown.  Thao dien area is also surrounded by the Saigon river and it provides, or better to say: it absorbs all the heavy airs of the downtown and protect Thao dien in a natural atmosphere and gives fresh air during the drying season of the southern part.

Moreover many international schools like International German School,  British International School are located here to take care of the kids during the working time of many expats and also Vietnamese parents living there. Within Thao dien ward people love to do jogging in the morning, afternoon and walk around in the evening to catch some fresh air and peaceful moment and are not bothered by anything.


To continuing with the part two, we will talk about Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan districts.

Thanks for your interest in reading our articles and we are really appreciated any comments of you all.



2 thoughts on “Know-how about some living areas in Ho Chi Minh City, Part one_By Nam Minh

  • Vickie
    on May 1, 2016

    Thanks Minh for the article, look forwards to reading next one :)

    • on May 3, 2016

      Thanks Vickie for your comments and interesting in reading our post; we give our best to post the next ones soon.

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